Helicon 1932

Lane Motor Museum

While I was visiting my folks in Nashville last week, I took a trip to the Lane Motor Museum.  This is a car museum, specializing in European cars, many of which I’d never heard of.

Helicon 1932They’ve got some really weird ones. This Helicron works just like it looks like it would – pulled along by the propeller.  (Not surprisingly, never produced commercially.)




King Midget RoadsterI found some other cars more interesting, though, especially the really tiny ones. Like this one cylinder King Midget Roadster – doors optional!






Peel P50Some of them, though, seemed to me to go a bit too far, like this Peel P50 – like all their three-wheeled cars, it doesn’t even look stable to me! Yikes.





You can see lots more pictures at their web site, and do check it out if you’re ever in Nashville.


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