Monthly Archives: May 2010

Mad world

Or rather, depressing world.

Facebook has pulled the “Everybody Draw Muhammed” page because some Muslims complained they felt offended.  It’s sad to see people once again abridging the behavior of non-Muslims because of something only Muslims consider blasphemous.

And the BP oil “spill” in the gulf is now likely to continue into August.  They’re trying something else, but don’t seem very confident that it’ll work.  When this is all over, what will survive in the gulf?

Old movies

Why don’t they make them like they used to? :-)

I’d rather watch William Powell and Myrna Loy in a Thin Man movie than a $100-million Hollywood special effects extravaganza any day.

“Obama’s Xxxxx”

Jon Stewart pointed out Thursday night something I hadn’t noticed. Lately whenever the conservatives want to criticize Obama, they’ll talk about “Obama’s Katrina” or “Obama’s Iraq war” or “Obama’s Nice Work Brownie” or “Obama’s Harriet Myers” or “Obama’s Mission Accomplished” – in other words, for any criticism, they can find an utter failure of the Bush administration to compare Obama to.

The irony of this seems to escape them.

Holiday weekend

I’m trying to keep busy this weekend. I got off work early yesterday, so I spent the afternoon wrestling with Quickbooks, trying to figure out just how bad a shape the chorus is in financially.

This morning I changed the oil and rotated the tires on my car, then went to Home Depot and got some bi-fold doors to install in the doorway between my living room and dining room. At one time I had the cat’s litter boxes in the dining room and they occasionally seem to fail to notice that the boxes aren’t there any more, so I want to keep them out of there when I’m not around. It turns out that piling stuff in the doorway isn’t much of an impediment to them.

I wanted to find the spots and clean them, so I got one of these little black lights that makes the spots glow. That might have been a mistake; from the number of spots I found, I think the dog might have done a lot more in there than I had previously been aware of. Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just give up on the carpet and start looking at putting in a hardwood floor in there. I’ve been thinking about replacing the carpet in the house for ages, but haven’t done anything.


Today was a busy day musically. In the morning I and the rest of the church choir performed Vincent Persichetti’s Celebrations at two services, a modern piece based on some of Walt Whitman’s words. We were accompanied by a wind ensemble and conducted by our extraordinary music director, Glenn Mehrbach.

Then in the afternoon those of us who are taking a choral trip to Europe this summer had a two hour rehearsal. Unfortunately, my voice was pretty much shot for most of it, too much fortissimo this morning I guess, which was really frustrating. Hopefully it’ll be better by our next rehearsal.