Monthly Archives: November 2009

Chesterton – Father Brown Omnibus

85) G. K. Chesterton – Father Brown Omnibus. A pleasant set of stories. This has got to be pretty much all of them, or close to it. Unfortunately Chesterton falls back far too often on the same gimmick, where somebody in the story is actually somebody else in disguise, and only Father Brown can figure it out. The rest of the stories are typically pretty good though.

MacDonald, Gaiman

83) James MacDonald – The Confessions of Peter Crossman.  A collection of three Peter Crossman stories.  These are a hoot.  Crossman is a modern-day Knight Templar, sort of James Bond if he were a priest.  Kill the bad guys, give them Last Rites, then go to confession.

84) Neil Gaiman – The Graveyard Book.  An interesting read, although the most intense part is the first chapter, which kind of gives a false impression of how the rest will be.  An orphan boy grows up with the ghosts in a graveyard.


It occurred to me today what I could do that would result in my actually getting some exercise, which would be good for me: get a dog.  Then I’d have to walk it.  Several times a day.

Of course the cats would not be thrilled.

I’ll have to think about this some more.