Monthly Archives: September 2009


I just got back from a They Might Be Giants concert.  It was fun, but I gotta say, high fidelity sound it wasn’t.  A lot of the time all I could hear was bass and drums.  I guess that’s how people think the sound should be at a rock concert, but to me, it’s just bad sound.  Oh well, I knew it might be like that before I went, I just didn’t expect it would be quite so bad.

Time to go back to the recordings :-)

P.S.  I got two compliments today on my FSM T-Shirt.  Cool.


I saw a documentary this weekend, and learned something I thought was very interesting.

The documentary was _The God Who Wasn’t There_.  What it pointed out what that in all of Paul’s letters, he never mentions Jesus’s birth, childhood, ministry, miracles, preaching, anything of his life, only his death and resurrection.

Further, there’s nothing in what Paul says of that to indicate that Paul even thought Jesus ever lived.  From what Paul says, he might well have considered Jesus no more historical than any of the other mythological figures of whom stories were told.

Now, assuming that’s true – and it’s easily checked – why was that never pointed out in any of the many religion courses I’ve been through?  Paul is our only record of the teachings of the early church.  It seems awfully significant if Paul didn’t consider Jesus real.

You would think, if the church was founded upon the death of an historical person, that its earliest records would make some mention of his life.  But apparently, the earliest documents we have that suggest the historicity of Jesus are the gospels, even the earliest of which didn’t come along until the year 70 or later.

Fall is falling

Well, I guess summer’s over.  The days are cooler, and I’ve already seen some leaves starting to turn.  (Probably helped along by it being a bit droughty again.)  It was a good summer, I think.  I enjoyed taking off from singing for a summer, and feel excited about starting back now. 

Choir is back.  This morning we’re singing a very nice piece, "Shall we gather at the river".  Although the tenors mostly get to sing "Doo, doo, doo".  But the whole thing should be lovely.

One of the tenors in the choir has joined the community chorus, yay!  We’re still only about a dozen out of 130 or so singers, but every additional voice helps.


I’m taking the week off and just got back from three days in DC.  I saw the air & space museum, the newseum, and the spy museum, rode an open-topped bus around town, and just walked around.  I took the train up & back, stayed 3 blocks from Union station.  It was a blast.