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Just got back from a concert – Jake Shimabukuro, ukulele player.  Simply amazing.  Incredible.  A ukulele virtuoso.  If you haven’t seen his video on YouTube playing his arrangement of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, you have to watch it. 

Kudoes to my Dad for spotting the concert in the paper.  He had no idea who this was, but saw ukulele and pointed it out to me, and of course I jumped at it.

Bear – New Amsterdam

40) Elizabeth Bear – New Amsterdam.  She’s a forensic sorceress.  He’s a vampire.  Together, they solve crimes.

Okay, if I’d known this was a vampire book, I wouldn’t have picked it up in the library.  But it really wasn’t bad. 

Campbell – The Lost Fleet: Relentless

39) Jack Campbell -  The Lost Fleet: Relentless.

This is the Nth book in a series that’s been consistently pretty good.  Nothing earth-shaking, but solid space military books, and grounded in many ways in science.  Sure, there has to be some sort of FTL travel to make something like this work at all, but beyond that, the speed of light reigns.  They might be able to look across a solar system and spot all the ships, but what they’re seeing on the other side happened hours ago, it might take minutes for communications between even ships that are "close", and that all has to be taken into account in their tactics.

3 mysteries

I’m getting behind on my book postings.

36) A. Conan Doyle – A Study in Scarlet.
37) A. Conan Doyle – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
38) Dorothy Sayers – Clouds of Witness.

These make an interesting contrast.  Holmes is all about clues, observation, and so forth.  Wimsey is too, but his stories are also full of human personalities.  In this one, Wimsey’s brother the duke is accused of murder, yet both his brother and his sister, who was engaged to the victim, are obviously withholding vital information and he has to try to figure it all out.

Tweet tweet

A friend has set up a web cam in his birdhouse, and I’m enjoying peeking in at the eggs waiting to hatch.

Update: the chicks have grown up and moved out.  The webcam is no more.

Big iron

I’m enjoying my vacation.  Got to deal with another kind of big iron yesterday – rode on a train pulled by a coal-fired steam locomotive.  Also got to watch them turn the engine around on a turntable, and load the coal tender using a big crane on another train car, and visited their repair shops where they were working on the brakes of a passenger car and restoring an older locomotive. 


A word to the wise – double-check your computer commands before pressing Enter.  Don’t be like me and accidentally delete half the operating system…

Busy weekend

I’ve made it through the busy weekend.  Our concert Saturday night went well, and I was pleased at the turnout.  Sunday morning’s services went well too. 

Now one week of work and then a week of vacation.  I’m looking forward to it.