Monthly Archives: June 2008

More good & bad

On the bad side, my car is still smushed.  The guy who hit me won’t return his insurance company’s calls, so it’ll probably be 30 days after the accident before they’ll approve payment.  Bleh.

On the plus side, my TiVo lives again!  The new power supply brought it back to life, data intact.  Thank goodness.

The good with the bad

Last night I had a nice dinner with some friends who are getting ready to move away.  This morning we had a good chorus rehearsal, then a pleasant get-together at one singer’s house this afternoon where I got to meet a few significant others and find out a little more about some of my fellow choristers.

Now my Tivo has died; auggh!   My first thought was the hard drive, but I replaced that and it still didn’t work, so it’s probably the power supply.  I’ve ordered a new one, but it won’t arrive until Wednesday even with 2-day shipping, so not only can’t I watch TV until then (it’s DirecTV and the Tivo is also the box that decodes the satellite signal), but it won’t be recording anything – particularly, not the next new episode of the Venture Brothers.

The one good thing about it being the power supply and not the hard drive is that my existing recordings are probably intact.

This leads me to start thinking again about putting together my own linux-based PVR, but so far as I know, there’s no good way to do that with DirecTV, so I’d have to switch to Time-Warner Cable.  Bleh.

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Ambulance chasers

On Tuesday I get rear-ended.  This Saturday I have four ads in my mail from lawyers wanting to “protect my rights”.

At least one threw in a copy of the police report, and another one a chart to help interpret it.  I didn’t know the other driver got cited.


I got rear-ended on my way home today.  Oh bother and tarnation.  Luckily my car is drivable, just mashed in in back; the other car is much worse.  Nobody was hurt. But now comes the claim filing, estimates, repairs, and all that nuisance.   Bleh.